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Cyberpet Adoption agency
To adopt a cyberpet click on what type of cyberpet you want (below) and it'll take you to the cyberpet pet store!

Adopt an Alien!

Adopt an Ant!

Adopt a puppy!

Adopt a dinosaur!

Adopt an Aquatic animal!

Mixed Bag!

Customized cyberpet!

Holiday fun!

Adopted Pets

More coming soon! E-mail us with your suggestion for more cyberpets! Or visit my cyberpets!

All graphics (save for the ones in visit my cyberpets) were drawn by me, so PLEASE don't take credit for them!

And alright, if you want some of the graphics, backgrounds, music on my page then here's what you do. View source and see what the file is called then go to of file, and be sure to include the tag such as .mid, .gif, .bmp) and It'll be Downloaded onto your computer